by Glenn Kremp on July 12, 2015


One year ago, some “asshole”(Ryan Reynolds words) fan leaked the test footage for a Deadpool movie and though the magic of the Internet and due to the amazing response the footage got, we fast forward to today.

Marvel did not have panel at this years Comic Con, but 20th Century Fox did and thats where we find Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller. They have been amazingly faithful to the source material and will make sure that the movie will remain rated R, which is what a Deadpool movie needs to be to stay true to its roots, as well Deadpool’s costume may in fact be the most accurate to date of any comic book movie character that has made the jump to the big screen.

With all that said and a panel which it self could be rated R (watch it here),

It was time to show the fans what they have filmed so far, and with 7000 plus in Hall H, they got their trailer, which itself needs to be rated R.

For the first time in San Diego Comic Con history after the trailer was shown, the chants of “One More Time, One More Time!” rang through the hall, and the fans got their wish as Reynolds told the guy who controls the play button “fuck it, lets show it again!”.

What’s amazing, on a day that just showed the epic second trailer to Batman vs. Superman, Deadpool slayed the house.

Now whats absolutely crazy is Fox failed to capitalise on the huge buzz that started in Hall H and spread to the Internet in just a couple of seconds.  No word on when a trailer would be released for the movie.  Now about an hour after the showing bootlegs started to pop up (we posted them to our Facebook page but were taken down) and based on the footage we seen they absolutely got the Merc with the Mouth perfect!



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