by Glenn Kremp on July 11, 2015



It started early, as DC Entertainment had a string of great announcements,

The first set of news, Warner Bros. revealed that there will be three new DC Universe Original Movies that will be released in 2016,

Batman: Bad Blood – An original Batman story that will introduce Batwoman to the new line of animated films.

Justice League vs. Titans – Another original story and also the first time the Teen Titans make their appearance in the DC Universe Original Movies.

Batman: The Killing Joke – The Alan Moore graphic novel will finally be a animated movie, produced by Bruce Timm the retelling of this classic story will also feature a 15-minute prologue that will help set up the story.

As Warner Bros got ready to give the fans want they wanted, which is a new Batman Vs. Superman Dawn of Justice trailer, a few announcements were made.

Green Lantern will be coming back to the big screen, and will be called GREEN LANTERN CORPS, with the announcement a image with a lot of Lanterns was on the screens.




Next up on the panel was David Ayer, and he brought the cast of next summer’s Suicide Squad (no Jared Leto) and he also had a trailer for the movie which is still being filmed in Toronto, and the trailer did not disappoint.  Now WB has yet to official release the trailer but all the footage is being taken down as soon as its posted, click here.


After the excitement of Suicide Squad, finally Zack Synder comes out and has brought the cast of Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice with him and that took the Hall by storm, some of the interesting things mentioned is that in the movie Gotham and Metropolis are separated by a bay, Bruce Wayne is in Metropolis during the ending battle of Man of Steel, Lex Luthor gets a hold of kryptonite and Zod’s body. Check out the new trailer released below:

Very exciting day for DC Entertainment all footage shown was super exciting, can’t wait for the movies coming out in 2016

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