by Glenn Kremp on August 4, 2015


This week in Germany is Gamescom 2015 and much like E3 we get to see a lot of games and demos of upcoming new titles.

So most of the information coming out today was first mentioned at E3, we will just highlight the most important announcements made at the event, and to kick things off, here is the best Microsoft news during the keynote speech today.

Improvements to the Xbox One console itself will kick off our coverage, with Microsoft announcing that the Xbox One will now have DVR functionality.  Starting next year, Xbox One will let (Europe and US) those that have free-to-air digital TV tuners record programs for streaming to any Windows 10 device.

The very popular backwards compatibility was mentioned again and a new announcement was made, all future Xbox 360, Games with Gold titles will be compatible (as long as you have the disc) with the Xbox One, which is great to hear with the November roll out coming up.

Another good announcement was that Windows 10 will be coming to the Xbox One.  The Xbox One dashboard will be redesigned and powered by Windows 10 which is set for a November release, as well the new voice assistant Cortana (Kinect sensor required) will be added.

And of course there are the games announcements, and some of the big ones we seen at E3 already but some new info came out today.   Crackdown 3 will have a 100 percent destructible environments. The trailer also claims that Crackdown will use Microsoft’s cloud to provide “20 times more computational power” than the Xbox One.

The biggest surprise of the show was the announcement of Halo Wars 2!  Nobody seen this coming, and no news of the sequel to 2009 real-time strategy game was given, we just know it will be released next year.

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