by Glenn Kremp on June 16, 2015

BETA,BETA,BETA is what I would use to describe Sony’s press conference.

As Sony starts its E3 2015 press conference, there is always the pressure of going second, especially this year after Mircosoft has set the gaming world a buzz, since their presentation this morning.

Right off the bat, Sony shows the PS3 game….. sorry, now PS4 game The Last Guardian, as beautiful as the game looks, to open your conference with this long awaited game, might have been the wrong way to go, the gameplay was very long and not truly eventful, it really seemed to slow down any excitement gamers were having going in, the closest we got to a release date was just next year 2016.

Guerrilla Games was up next with a new franchise to PlayStation, a game that is far into the future. It looked and felt like prehistoric game, the cities have fallen leaving humans to go back to the old days as they hunt robot dinosaurs, with very simple weapons, a bow and arrow.  Horizon, Zero Dawn, looks incredible no release date was announced.

The world premiere of the new Hitman game was shown, the game will be the biggest in the series and PS4 users will get  exclusive beta access with pre orders, plus will have 6 PS4 exclusive contracts.

Next up is Street Fighter V, showing two returning characters Birdie and Cammy, and for PS4 users starting July 23 the public beta will open.

Hello Games is back with even more impressive footage than last year. No Man’s Sky absolutely blew me away with the gameplay demo, the biggest game I have ever seen, the demo took us to an undiscovered solar system and a total destructible enviroment, this game will have everything, trading,fighting, exploring and survival. no release date was given but this will be the reason we have a PS4.

Also announced Destiny will have a new game, The Taken King due out Sept 15/15

Final Fantasy is back with a new edition to the franchise, World of Final Fantasy, which allows you to control small beings that kinda look like Wii characters, Mii’s.

And finally Sony put the audience in a frenzy with the remake everybody wants, Final Fantasy VII, and it will be first to PlayStation 4, check out the amazing trailer below.

Now its time for Sony to help developers make games, with a Kickstarter launch for a popular game and long awaited sequel, and first time to the next gen consoles. Shenmue 3. (and as of writing this the website had crashed for Kickstarter on this announcement,)(update 6/16, they reached their goal.)

Project Morpheus was up next and although no demo was shown on stage a lot was announced, and lots of games to try out for PlayStation’s new VR on the E3 floor.  As well Sony also decide to declare war on the American cable companies! Adding to their PlayStationVue, a a la carte service that will allow you to get single channels without a multi channel bundle, plus with your Playstation Plus, members can subscribe to launch channels at a discount price.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 has now made the switch to a PS4 exclusive content driven platform with a special designed multiplayer gaming mode, and this August PS4 players will be the first to play the beta with all map packs in multiplayer mode.

PlayStation wants to be your go to place for all things Star Wars and they kicked that off in a big way. First announcing the new Disney 3.0, adding Star Wars characters to the world of Disney, Pixar and Marvel, and to do that, two playsets (first release to PlayStation) were announced, Twilight of the Republic, which will be set through episodes 1-3, and a month later Rise Against the Empire will be released and is set to episode 4-6, as well Boba Fett will be first to PlayStation users in a huge bundle starter pack which will be out this fall.  As well, also on display was this fall’s most anticapated release, Star Wars Battlefront, by EA.

And finally all new gameplay footage (after hitting the reset button,due to the live demo freezing) of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.


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